Whitewater Rafting Adventures in The Northeast Regions of Canada
Whitewater Rafting Adventures in The Northeast Regions of Canada

The northeastern region of Canada is famous for having perfect natural conditions for adventure sports. The area has mountains, rivers, and all other landscapes that are essential for adventurous activities. But, the northeastern region is most famous for its Whitewater rafting adventures. The area has some of the most amazing rivers and water conditions for rafting. Thousands of adventure sports enthusiasts make their way towards the northeast regions of Canada. If you call yourself a rafting buff and never been to this region of Canada, then you’re missing out on the best rafting experience of your life.

The water in the rivers here is Crystal clear. There are hundreds of rivers in this region, from which you can choose, on which one you want to raft. Some of the most famous rivers in this region have thunderous waves on which you can test your rafting abilities. If you’re a beginner, then there are also some safe passages in the area. It’s not just rafting that these rivers are known for, you can also try your hand at other water sports. Just pick up your sports equipment and head towards the incredible northeast regions of Canada, where beautiful landscapes and roaring rivers are waiting for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best whitewater rafting adventures in this region.

Yellowknife River

If you’re a beginner and don’t want to go too deep into the countryside, Yellowknife River is the best option for you. Pretty close to Yellowknife city, you can take a quick rafting trip and come back. It’s not just the beginners, that’ll enjoy rafting on this river, but there are also some thrilling spots for experienced rafters. Tartan rapids are famous for its challenging and rocky rafting waters. The passage isn’t too long, but it is exciting.

Keele River

About 350 kilometres long Keele River offers you some of the best rapids in Canada, along with the heavenly views. This trip down the river will also take you on a journey into history. Dene hunters once used this route for thousands of years. But, they weren’t here to enjoy adventure sports, for which this place is popular now. You’ll pass through several different kinds of terrains and landscapes on this rafting trip. The river takes you through so many exciting rafting spots that rafting lovers would love.

Slave River

Comprising all kinds of rafting waters, Slave River offers something to all types of rafters. No matter if you’re an expert or an amateur, this river is for you. The river is around 430 kilometres long and has everything from fast channels to relaxing pool like water. On this long journey, one place which remains the favourite for all the rafters is Fort Smith. If you’re lucky enough to visit this river during the river’s Paddlefest, you’ll remember this experience forever.

Nahanni River

Passing through the reserve’s centre and multiple canyons, Nahanni river fills paddlers with joy and excitement. The depth at some points can go as deep as 1200 meters. There’s also a 90 meters cliff, also known as Virginia falls in this river. But, the rafting channel is separate. There’s a 240 kilometres passage specially identified for rafting which has fantastic rafting conditions.