The Yukon region is a small, breathtaking site that acquired its fame during the Klondike Gold Rush. The rush was referred to as the great adventure of the 19th century as thousands of prospectors, miners, and pioneers took to the north to look for riches. The Yukon retains its remote wildness even now and is the least populated Canadian territory or province.  It has a population of fewer than 36000 people, though its expanse is vast. In recent years, this northern frontier has become an incredible place featuring its Gold Rush history that people consider as an adventure vacation. Here are a few ways to travel around the Yukon as an adventurer.

Hiking in Whitehorse

Whitehorse is the capital and is positioned on the Yukon River banks. You can walk along this River Trail and consider visiting the SS Klondike. This is now dry-docked forever, but this was the most significant fleet paddle-wheeler that was used to navigate between Dawson City and the capital. Adventurous people, tend to beat up the dirt road and consider hiking the Grey Mountain ridge to catch the outstanding views of the river below. Finish your day with a beer in downtown Whitehorse or have your dinner at The Miner’s Daughter, which is a classier establishment.

Mountain Bike in Carcross

Carcross began promoting mountain biking in 2006, and the trails were built on Montana Mountain. This single project paved the success path to tourism in Carcross. It prompted the council even to encourage the building of new trails while allowing them to stay connected with their family’s lands. Thus, this little town became the mountain biking haven that it is today. Tours organized here takes travelers past the sites of old mining areas and over Alpine passes. The Yukon’s signature fields in the Alpine have purple fireweed, and a spectacular view of the Nares river views add to the stunning sensation that visitors can enjoy. You can benefit from the downhill trail network on the Montana Mountainside that takes you towards ramps, rock gardens, and flowery routes. The story and significance of the trails is also a fabulous experience. There are shuttle rides that lead you to all the trails and over the valley. The amenities are beautiful at all the stays here and family friendly too. 

Yukon Route Train and White Pass

The Chilkoot Trail was the first line used and with the Gold Rush, this trail comprising of 33-mile connected people by the hundreds to the Alaskan Pacific from the Inside Passage right up to the Yukon River headwaters.  Now, the same route is open to backpackers and hikers on a permit system. Experiencing this historic route landscape is an adventure in itself. Take the Yukon Route train and White Pass to travel on a railway between Whitehorse and Alaska, Skagway. The vintage passenger coaches offer excursions including a round trip, a trip retracing White Pass route, with an overnight at Bennett Lake.

Canoe and Fish

Between Alaska and Haines is the Dalton Trail Lodge. This is a luxurious Lodge that offers unique adventures. The Lodge is strategically located on the Dezadeash Lake and features motor boats, jet boats, and canoes for fishing on the rivers and lakes.