The History of Sports Betting in Canada
The History of Sports Betting in Canada

Betting is about trusting your gut feeling and your experience enough to put your hard-earned money on the stake. It’s not out and out gambling as you’re not dependent on your luck only. Your knowledge of whatever you’re betting on also comes in very handy. Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling out there. People are crazy over sports, and some sports enthusiasts don’t miss even a single moment of a game. When people are swearing on their expertise and knowledge of sports, contrast opinions are bound to be there. To prove their point, people put money on their judgment. If someone feels the outcome would be different, he can put his money against the person with a different opinion.

From proving their point by putting money on their opinion to worldwide betting sites, betting has come a long way. Canada is one country that is famous for its liberal laws. These laws also allow sports betting but within some rules and regulations. Betting is not a new age thing for Canada. Betting has been there in the country for hundreds of years. The betting scene has changed a lot in all these years.

Ancient history

Sports betting has always had been part of Canadian culture from ancient times. Native Canadians used to put bets on different sports of that time. The betting was an essential part of entertainment in those times. Once the Europeans came in the country, they brought new European betting laws with them. But the rules didn’t have any effect on the ground.  The Canadians would bet behind the back of the government officials. It was also tough to regulate these laws in such a big country.

Tough laws against gambling

In 1867, the Canadian government introduced a bill on rules and regulations regarding betting and gambling. The rules were almost the same as the British rules. The most significant step towards stopping gambling came in 1892 when the government criminalized gambling. This bill was a severe development of the gambling laws of the country. Never before a Canadian could be put in jail for betting through a bookmaker, but this could happen now. The government took another step in the same year, which was equally significant. Gambling was made illegal in Canada. Betting was legal but only on a personal level, not through bookmakers. So, sports betting was still around during this period.

Relaxed laws

After 77 years, in 1969, the government finally decriminalized gambling. The government allowed lotteries through federal governments. Looking at profits that gambling provided to the government, the government became more and more liberal over the years about gambling. The new ways of gambling keep coming through advanced technology. Proline gambling was allowed in Canada. People were betting on different sports during this period, with some types of betting prohibited. At present, you can bet on different sports in Canada, but only online. The online sites are run from outside the country. So, online betting is legal.