Moving and traveling to Canada has become the newest trend all over the world. The once scarcely visited country is now finding a lot of interest with people who are looking at immigration options as well. Weather be damned, the country offers much more benefits for immigrants and people who wish to live there. As a visitor who is looking to find out what the hype is all about, you have to be wary of the severe weather warnings that are in slew in Canada. The weather itself is very unpredictable, and when it gets cold, it gets cold. Terrible thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and heat waves are a common occurrence that the Canadians love and live with. The one thing that the country is constantly working on is air pollution during the warmer months. However, with the growing concern for eco-friendly lifestyles, the country is on the path with help with the issue as well.

No, traveling during the safer months are not a reprieve from the weather. If you are visiting during the autumn or spring months, you can expect to find ice storms or blizzards that can upset you, and if you think a coastal location would save you, be prepared for occasional flooding. All said and done; if you are well prepared for the weather, you can have a great time when you visit the country. Good news is that, not every place in Canada is subject to extreme climates. Choose the right place you want to live in, and you might get some lovely sunshine and beautiful weather if it is in your stars.


Some hurricanes hit Canada but usually on the Nova Scotia side of the country. The tornadoes are an occasional occurrence during the summer months though. What’s even better news is that the storms that have hit Canada are almost negligible.

Yes, two hurricanes in the last 60 years can be considered as being insignificant, right?

The hurricanes that affected the Nova Scotia region in 2003 was only a category two at the most. So, when it comes to storms, it is safe to say, there is little to worry about.

Tornado Watch

Now, this issue is a massive one you should watch out for when visiting Canada. You can expect to face some severe tornado damage in the following areas:

  1. Southern and central Saskatchewan
  2. South Ontario
  3. Central-South Alberta near Edmonton
  4. Manitoba, and
  5. South Quebec

If you are visiting one of these places and want to stay away from the tornados, then the best time to pay a visit will be in mid-August to the end of May. Other times of the year, you might have to be on tornado watch. There are other regions that you can visit in Canada if you have to travel outside of these months though. They are:

  • North-west Territories
  • Yukon
  • Nunavut
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland


If you think that tornadoes and hurricanes are scary, then you have to wait to hear about the hailstorms. That is a different matter altogether. If you are in Canada outside of May-September, then make sure you have your cars completely insured to avoid damage from tornadoes. One of the most significant costs that the country encounters is problems and losses from hurricanes. While this may be scary to think off. The locals know exactly how to thrive in the conditions and will be able to give you the right advice to enjoy the country and be prepared for the worst too.