There is a certain style to Canadian writers that can only be gained by actually growing up in the country and inheriting many of the qualities that many others have possessed for hundreds of years. The writers provide diverse perspectives on a wide variety of topics.

There have been few children novels as globally successful as “Anne of Green Gables”. Written by L.M. Montgomery in 1908 the book has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. The book has been translated into 36 different languages and follows the adventures of Anne Shirley an orphan settling in with her new family on Prince Edward Island. After the book’s massive success L.M. Montgomery followed it up with 20 more novels, 530 short stories, 500 poems and 30 essays. She was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Another famous Canadian children’s novelist is Robert Munch who didn’t start publishing until firstly training to be a Jesuit priest and then working as a lecturer in the Department of Family Studies at Guelph University. It was during his lecturing post that he was encouraged to publish the stories that he was making up for the children he worked with. His best-selling children book is “Love you forever” which has sold over 30 million copies and was said by Oprah on the David Letterman show, to be her favorite children’s book of all time.

Literature has enabled Canada’s indigenous population to have a voice and pen their views. One of the most controversial writes of First Nation issues is Joseph Boyden. His claims of his links to his aboriginal past have been questioned by many but his writing portrays the strengths of the marginalized groups in Canada.

Three Day Road by Joseph Boydon

Specializing in historical fiction, his most striking novel is the “Three Day Road” which tells the story of two young “Cree” men who volunteer for First World War service eventually becoming snipers. Thomas King is another writer who covers the challenges faced by the indigenous people of Canada. His use of strong and humorous characters makes his books popular especially “Green Grass, Running Water” which follows the lives of people in a small Canadian town.

Multi-cultural issues are also dealt with in Rohinton Mistry’s books but from a different perspective. Rohinton is Indian born so his novels attempt to feature the difficulties that Indian immigrants face when they arrive in Canada. Most of the characters that he creates seem to be on a mission to find self-worth while dealing with many awkward social situations.

One of Canada’s most successful non-fiction writers is Malcolm Gladwell. His specializes in finding a mundane subject and then with great research he will delve into sociology and psychology to make the subject more interesting.His book “Outliers, The Story of Success” has sold worldwide, as it has tried to explain what factors result to high levels of success.

There is no doubt that Canada’s unique blend of people has had a strong influence on the type of literature the country has published. The rich content that has been produced has made Canada one of the leading nations in producing world famous Writers.