TV entertainment shows have grown and matured drastically over the years. Some of the TV shows are even better than movies that streaming services like Netflix and Stan are thriving on the membership that people are willing to pay for High Definition TV shows directed by award-winning directors. Fans who love movie series and TV show series are obsessive when it comes to collecting memorabilia about their favorite entertainment. While memorabilia can come in the form of action figures of toys of their favorite characters, some folks even go as far as traveling to the places where some of the shows have been filmed.

People around the world always knew that New Zealand is a great place to visit. However, the country has been able to draw more visitors because of it being the shooting location for the Lord of The Rings. Today, people are flocking to all parts of Ireland and Scotland to visit the famous sets of Game of Thrones and walk the streets where their favorite characters performed. The next big TV show that is bringing people to a country is a Korean TV show called Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. The show was filmed in a Canadian city that has suddenly drawn attention from TV show lovers who are flocking to the Canadian city of Quebec. HBO can brag all it wants about it record-breaking viewership. However, nothing can compare to the audience who are obsessed with the Gobin’s 250 million viewers around Asia. The 16 Episode series has been aired in South Koreas TV network and has garnered two times more viewers than the Superbowl audience. Even the show’s soundtrack has been at the top of the hitlist. With Goblin themed tours, tourists are flocking to the Canadian city to experience their favorite show.

Where and What in Canada

The landmark hotel called Fairmount Chateau Frontenac has been used as a set for the show. The mailbox which is ancient and golden is featured as a prominent part of the show, and people crowd around the item to have their photo taken with it. Another location that has is in the Petit Champlain district is a knobless door that is red. The Goblin appears through the red door, thus, making the venue a popular photo opportunity. The location of the door is said to be in one of the best places you can visit in Canada, and the visitors who come here love everything about the location and contribute to patronizing the stores. The number of visitors who have visited Canada in the last year has been over five times of what usually happens.

Quebec has been featured for nearly an hour in the entire series out of 12 hours. Charles Gaudreau, the producer of the series, feels that the traction that Canadian tourism has received from the show time is massive too. The season’s finale was shot in the Plains of Abraham, and this only means that the number of people who will be coming to Canada to experience the show will only grow over the years.