Canada has a rich musical history with many of its artists selling records all over the world. Neil Young was born, and grew up in, Toronto before moving to Los Angeles where his career involved achieving success with Crosby Stills and Nash, as well as pursuing a highly successful career. There were times when he was as well known for his political out bursts against the American government, as he was for his music. This was during the late 1960s and he had the experience of playing at Woodstock, and his career was so successful that he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

No Canadian has sold more records than Celine Dion

Celine Dion

Celine Dion was born in Charlemagne, Quebec in 1968. Hailing from a French speaking family she has released records in both French and English. Her record sales of over 200 million copies makes her the most successful Canadian musical artist ever, and she is in fact the 10th best-selling artist of all time. Her music has crossed many genres including rock, gospel and R and B. She has won 5 Grammy awards and she appeared at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as a resident performer on a 3 year contact from 2003. The 90 minute show, over the 3 years, earned her 100 million dollars, plus she received 50% of all of the show’s profits.

One of the most successful musical performer today is Drake. Canada has never really had the reputation of producing rappers, yet Drake, who was born in Ontario, has shot to prominence since releasing his first album in 2010. In 2016 he released his fourth album “Views” which has sold over 1.6 million copies. He has sold many records and he has broken many records in terms of his songs holding the top positions on the Billboard top 100.

Canada most popular sport is Ice Hockey and the battles it has had with the United States have inspired the Nation. One of the best players the country has produced is Geordie Howe. Born in Floral Saskatchewan Howe played for 26 consecutive seasons in the National Hockey League.

For 25 consecutive seasons he played for the Detroit Red Wings and was known as Mr Hockey. In his time the side won the Stanley Cup on 4 occasions and he won the Hart trophy for the most valuable player 6 times. In his career he made a record 1767 appearances and scored 801 goals and was widely regarded as the best player ever. A player who later broke some of his scoring records was fellow Canadian Wayne Gretzky. He did not play as many games as Howe but in his 1487 games he managed to score 894 goals. He also achieved more assists than any other player in the history of the game. He is the only player to have scored over 200 points in a season, which he managed 4 times. Born in Brantford Ontario Gretzky played for a number of teams but he his most influential spells were at the Edmonton Oilers and the Los Angeles Kings. As well as all of the records he set he is best remembered for popularizing hockey in California.

Terry Fox Canada’s national hero

Terry Fox

Of all of the well-known Canadians there is none more treasured by the Nation itself than Terry Fox. He was an ordinary high school athlete but was diagnosed with cancer and at the age of 19 he had his leg amputated. Not to be put off by his disability he played wheelchair basketball winning multiple titles, but he took a special interest in long distance runs. Despite having to overcome great paint during each event he ran in many races raising huge funds for cancer research.In 1980 he set of on his Marathon of Hope attempting to run from east to west across Canada. The cancer returned and he had to stop after completing 3,339 miles. The run raised over 23 million dollars, and in 1980 he became the youngest person at the age of 22 to be ever awarded the Order of Canada. He died the following year aged 23 but he left an impression on his country that many remember.