Outliers, The Story of Success

Local Canadian Writers

There is a certain style to Canadian writers that can only be gained by actually growing up in the country and inheriting many of the qualities that many others have possessed for hundreds of years. The writers provide diverse perspectives on a wide variety of topics. There have been few children novels as globally successful […]


Sports in Canada

There are a wide variety of sports that are played in Canada. With the realities of its harsh winter climate Canada’s sporting interests are split between the winter sports and summer sports.The national sport of Canada is hockey or as European nations would call it, ice hockey. Canada has a reputation of producing both the […]


Great Canadian people – Part 2

Canada has a rich musical history with many of its artists selling records all over the world. Neil Young was born, and grew up in, Toronto before moving to Los Angeles where his career involved achieving success with Crosby Stills and Nash, as well as pursuing a highly successful career. There were times when he […]


Great Canadian people – Part 1

Canada has produced many people that are known around the world and their characters reflect the nature of the country . Canadians are viewed positively around the world and the country has produced some legendary figures. The Trudeau family This is certainly the case in the field of politics and in particular the Trudeau family. […]


The people of Canada

Canada is populated by around 35 million people. This number includes great diversity in terms of origin and ethnicity. With Canada continuing to welcome migrants into their country the range of people continues to broaden. The Inuit people still living in a traditional way Before colonization the country was the home to many indigenous peoples. […]


The Cities of Canada

The cities of Canada are some of the most interesting in the world as they differ in as much as that they do not all speak the same language. However, they all share certain similarities, such as the availability of green space and their cleanliness. Quebec City is the oldest city in North America but […]


The Geography of Canada

Canada covers nearly 10 million squared kilometres which makes it the second largest country in the world after Russia. The Southern border with the United States stretches for 8,891 kilometres which makes it the longest border in the world. The population of the country is only 36 million which makes it one of the least […]


The History of Canada

Canada has a long history of population with the region being occupied by the Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago. The country was then colonized by the Europeans from around the 15th century and today the country is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. The region, prior to European colonization, had a healthy population […]