The culture of Canada

Canada draws its culture from a number of different sources and is reflected in every day past times such as art, literature and music. The influence of the First Nations people is huge within the country and over the years this has been blended in with the European influences that have arrived into the country. […]


Great Canadian people – Part 2

Canada has a rich musical history with many of its artists selling records all over the world. Neil Young was born, and grew up in, Toronto before moving to Los Angeles where his career involved achieving success with Crosby Stills and Nash, as well as pursuing a highly successful career. There were times when he […]


Great Canadian people – Part 1

Canada has produced many people that are known around the world and their characters reflect the nature of the country . Canadians are viewed positively around the world and the country has produced some legendary figures. The Trudeau family This is certainly the case in the field of politics and in particular the Trudeau family. […]