There is no doubt that Neil Young is one of the most excellent rock musicians of all the time. We know the Canadian as headstrong and unshakable when it comes to realizing his artistic visions. That is not surprising when you know his life story. Even as a child, he had a hard time and had to overcome different problems. Destiny was not kind to him and prepared many obstacles. He developed polio at the age of five. That is why he still is limping to this day. A few years later, he also got epilepsy and diabetes.

So the prerequisites for a great career were not there for him. But Young did not give up. He wanted to play the guitar like his idol Elvis Presley. Today Neil Young is famous as a songwriter and interpreter but has also mastered numerous other instruments and the guitar. He got his first record deal early on with the legendary Motown label. However, he had his first hit as a songwriter and not as an interpreter. But that should soon change dramatically.

Inspiration For Nirvana And Pearl Jam

Neil Young was hugely successful as a solo artist and as a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. His style-defining record was released in 1972 and was called Harvest. Young played in bands like Buffalo Springfield, performed in Woodstock and dominated the 1970s with his distinctive sound. In the 1980s, he had increasing problems with the critics. They rejected his albums as well as numerous fans. But that should change significantly at the end of the decade. All those grunge bands considered Young to be the godfather of this movement. Kurt Cobain adored him, and Pearl Jam even made a joint record with Young. Although the record company refused a typical application, the musician pulled the project through and led Mirror Ball to success.

One Record After Another

Since then, he has earned the reputation of being untouchable. Whether as a solo artist, with his longtime band Crazy Horse or numerous other projects, his releases are still relevant. The Canadian has never committed to a single genre. He masters rock as well as country, folk or rockabilly. In recent years, the musician has also discovered the Internet and gives his fans partial access to his inexhaustible archive. Also, Neil Young releases album after album. Whether newly recorded, long forgotten, or legendary live recordings, his pool never seems to end. For his fans, Canad’s work frenzy is a celebration.

You can experience him in a wide variety of roles. He has remained true to himself and his reputation and does not care about musical trends or good advice. When he has something to say, he speaks his mind loud and clear. Most recently, he surprised with a partial sale of his song rights. After all, his back catalogue includes more than 1,200 songs. He silvered 50 per cent of this to an investor and thus also demonstrated entrepreneurial skill