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“The typical Canadian is seen as being down to earth and international polls have placed the country as being one of the most popular in the world.”

Arctic Tern

The Wildlife of Canada

Canada has a wide variety of wildlife as a result of the vast areas of wilderness that dominate the country. These huge numbers of birds, fishes and animals is quite surprising considering Canada’s cool average climate, but being as there are vast regions that have been virtually untouched by man, it has been left to […]

Outliers, The Story of Success

Local Canadian Writers

There is a certain style to Canadian writers that can only be gained by actually growing up in the country and inheriting many of the qualities that many others have possessed for hundreds of years. The writers provide diverse perspectives on a wide variety of topics. There have been few children novels as globally successful […]

Best Canadian Sports Venues

Best Canadian Sports Venues

There are a wide range of sports that are popular in Canada, and the country is completely sports obsessed. Actually, a lot of the world’s favorite sports were created right in Canada. You can thank Canada for creating hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and bowling. Hockey is Canada’s most popular sport and its most successful sport played […]


The Canadian Economy

Canada has a rich economy. For years its success was fuelled by the huge amounts of raw materials that were extracted from the ground and the old industrial base of the country grew exploiting large amounts of these riches. As time has passed the original industries have continued to flourish but the economy has become […]


Tourism in Canada

Tourism in Canada makes a significant economic contribution to the country. The magnificent wilderness that is on the door step of many centres of population has attracted many people into the area. The culture found in the region has also acted as a pull factor and the tourist industry in Canada is one that is […]


The culture of Canada

Canada draws its culture from a number of different sources and is reflected in every day past times such as art, literature and music. The influence of the First Nations people is huge within the country and over the years this has been blended in with the European influences that have arrived into the country. […]


Canada covers nearly 10 million squared kilometres which makes it the second largest country in the world after Russia. The Southern border with the United States stretches for 8,891 kilometres which makes it the longest border in the world.