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“The typical Canadian is seen as being down to earth and international polls have placed the country as being one of the most popular in the world.”

Hidden Gems of Canada

Hidden Gems of Canada

Honestly, if you have traveled throughout Canada many times and explored all the places mentioned in all guidebooks, then you still are not an expert of the White Great North. This country is incredibly big, as a result, there is always some undiscovered spot that amazes any traveler. We can bet that most of the […]

The History of Sports Betting in Canada

Betting is about trusting your gut feeling and your experience enough to put your hard-earned money on the stake. It’s not out and out gambling as you’re not dependent on your luck only. Your knowledge of whatever you’re betting on also comes in very handy. Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of […]

The Wildlife of Canada

Canada has a wide variety of wildlife as a result of the vast areas of wilderness that dominate the country. These huge numbers of birds, fishes and animals is quite surprising considering Canada’s cool average climate, but being as there are vast regions that have been virtually untouched by man, it has been left to […]


Canada covers nearly 10 million squared kilometres which makes it the second largest country in the world after Russia. The Southern border with the United States stretches for 8,891 kilometres which makes it the longest border in the world.